Thursday, 12 January 2017

Snowy Soil Hill

        Woke up this morning to a knocked down fence and
        all my bird feeders blown away in last nights gales,
        so the Goldfinch that visited weren't best pleased.
        Popped out today for an hour without any high hopes
        of seeing anything with the weather being so bad but
        with a Snow Bunting being seen up there I though I'd
        try my luck, but as I arrived at Soil Hill a snowstorm
        descended on me so had to sit it out in the car for 10
        hoping that it would blow over but it didn't look
        promising as a Snow Plough drove past.

        While looking out of the car window I saw a Little
        Owl dive off a wall into the grass to catch something
        which was nice to see but soon disappeared into a hole
        in the wall, this by the way was on Perseverance Rd.

       A minute later I seen John L walking along the road and
       on his way up Soil Hill to look for the Snow Bunting so
       I had a walk around the area with him once I'd managed
       to put my waterproof overtrousers on without falling over,
       the surprise up there was that we saw more people on the
       hill than birds which were non-existent so after a walk
       around it was time to go on the school run but thought
       I'd have another quick look for the Little Owl to cheer
       me up and there it was peeping at me from behind a
       fence post, they do make me laugh.
       2 Redwing and 2 Mistle Trush were in my garden trees.

                                          Boothtown Church Steeple in the blizzard


  1. Enjoyed the company Dave.
    Shame about the lack of birds though.

  2. Yeah was nice seeing you, at least we got the Little Owl mate. I think all the birds were indoors keeping warm and laughing at us two trudging the hill.