Friday, 8 September 2017

Raptor Heaven

     Its been Raptor heaven around the garden the last couple of weeks,
     Peregreine flythrew 3 times once just missing the wifes head,
     Sparrowhawk flying through daily on the lookout for a meal which
     it got last week with the capture of a Collared Dove which I was
     actually gutted about as it had become quite tame but thats nature I
     suppose, Its nice to see the Kestrel back again on a daily basis hunting
     in the back fields, today I think it lost its temper as it gave the pestering
     Magpies as good as it got which I was glad to see, Buzzards popping
     over now and again around tea time, and Tawny Owl out hunting at night.

     Garden has had the regular birds but also flying about have been House
     Martins and also Swallows which I thought would of flown to warmer
     climates by now but eck what do I know.