Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Claremount Hill Walk

        Had a 2 hour walk around Claremount Hill and up to the
        Ski Slopes and back over the fields but not a lot to write
        about as was very quiet, highlights were 2 Sparrowhawk
        one a juvenile that I spooked as I walked through the trees
        and one flyover later on, 2 Goldcrest seen in the farmhouse
        tree but too dense for a photo, farmer came out for a word
        and told me about the Tawny Owl that was there most late
        evenings, 1 Rook flyby, 4 Wood Pigeon, Crows, Magpies &
        Jackdaws, a couple of Robins and Blackbirds.
        Garden had 20+ Goldfinch, 10+ Starling, 6 Greenfinch, 4 Dove,
        4 Chaffinch.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Claremount Hill & Ringby Lane

         Claremount hill and garden yesterday was busy with 30+
         Goldfinch and 20+ Starling, 6 Greenfinch, 2 Chaffinch,
         a raptor flyover, Crows, Jackdaws and Magpies.

         Woke up this morning to dense fog so my Fly Flats visit was
         abandoned so stayed in for a sport watching day until late
         afternoon and had a stroll up Ringby Lane which I've never
         known it as quiet in the first half hour, there were just the odd Crow.
         It busied up a bit later with flights of 50+ Goldfinch and then 50+
         Meadow Pipit and 10 LBB Gulls and a first for me up there a
         Grey Wagtail which was a surprise and 6 Rabbits.
         Garden today had-:

         10+ Goldfinch
         8 Greenfinch
         2 Coal Tit
         2 Chaffinch
         2 Robin
         4 Collared Dove
         1 Squirrel.


Friday, 25 September 2015

All Quiet in the Garden

     Out in the garden for half an hour this evening but nothing
     much happening apart from the usual finches and Corvids,
     a Raptor was being chased by a Crow in the distance but too
     far away to identify.

                                            Merlin from summer

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Claremount Hill

      Garden and Claremount Hill watch was quiet this afternoon
       and evening lots of Jackdaws about though, didn't even see
       a Gull overhead which is unusual.

        10 Goldfinch
        6 Greenfinch
        2 Chaffinch
        4 Collared Dove
        2 Wood Pigeon
        12 Jackdaw, 10 Crow, 8 Magpie
        1 Sparrowhawk getting to be a regular visitor
        10 Starling.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Garden Watch 21/09/15

       Decided against going up Ringby Lane today and had a
       lazy day garden watch but was very quiet to what it usually
       is, its been the same all month. but was nice to see the regular visiting

       10 Goldfinch
       12 Starling
       2 Chaffinch
       3 Greenfinch
       1 Kestrel
       1 Sparrowhawk
        lots of corvids & Gulls
        2 Collared Dove
        2 Wood Pigeon.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

So Fogged Off

    Popped up to Fly Flats today very hopeful but all I got was a
    blanket of fog, had a natter with BS up there and he was as fed
    up as I was, so ventured down the Withens and then up to Soil Hill
    and Taylor Lane, Soil Hill was dead and nothing in the air either.
   Fly Flats-: 20+ Meadow Pipits
                     2 Red Grouse
                     3 Greylag.
                    50+ Goldfinch
                    6 Meadow Pipit
                    2 Little Owl.
    Soil Hill-:
                    2 Meadow Pipit
                    1 Kestrel.
    Taylor Lane-:
                    100+ Goldfinch & Meadow Pipit
                     8 Common Gull, Mallard flyover
                     4 Kestrel. 3 of those at top of roper lane.