Friday, 27 January 2017

Gardenwatch Again

     Didn't bother going out today with blanket fog everywhere
     early doors so I loaded up the bird feeders and had a gardenwatch,
     and I'm glad I did, it was quiet at first but then livened up later on,
     Blackbirds were doing plenty of fighting and then a Great Tit showed
     up followed by a flock of Goldfinch which visited the garden on & off
     all day long, 2 Blue Tits then had a go at the peanut feeder and then
     later on another one showed up.

    In the back field a flock of 20+ Brambling flew over towards Boothtown
    and Lee Mount and then as the sun broke through the clouds and fog
    a flock of 10+ Redwing turned up in nearby trees, lots of Jackdaws
    & Crows about also.

    Back in the garden the Blackbirds were still fighting until 2 Collared
    Dove's turned up and spooked them for a while but they didn't seem to
    bother the 2 Chaffinch and Goldfinch that visited, 2 birds then turned up
    that looked like warblers but on closer inspection I think they were
    Dunnocks but a bit slender than the one's I'm used to seeing I even had
    to ring DS to put me right as I was that unsure at first, unless the light
    was playing tricks on me, a Wren and a Robin and 10+ Starlings also
    turned up during the day but the highlight of the day was my garden
    Woodmouse Mr Bo Jangles trying to lift up a slice of bread which was
    funny to watch, I'm amazed he's survived with next door's 4 cats and
    local Weasel and Foxes always hanging about but glad that he as.



  1. Like the mouse / bread pic Dave - has it noshed all the cheese already then?
    Always good to get Bullfinch as well.


  2. P.s.
    There is an interesting video on Thursday's Oslo Birders blog involving a mouse and a Hawk Owl.
    The video takes a bit to start but stick with it.


  3. It was funny to watch John, Bo Jangles thought he was a weightlifter.