Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Abysmal Day

     Gutted I didn't get out today, I was on nights and thought I'd
     get a few hours out with my camera but no joy as the weather
     was abysmal with rain and dense fog everywhere.
     Garden had 2 Blackbird, 1 Dunnock, 2 Goldfinch, 3 Starling,
     10+ Redwing flypast and a flock of little Unidentified.
     I'm putting a few Owl pics on here for Little John ( John L ).

Monday, 30 January 2017

Sunday Watch

       Didn't get out again today as I was up early doors watching the boxing
       and then my footie team were on later so just had a garden watch again
       which turned out pretty active with an
       aggressive Mistle Thrush which was chasing everything off apart
       from the Sparrowhawk that flew past, it was a noisy and mardy bird
       so could have been protecting something, it chased off 2 other Thrush,
       a flock of Redwing and a couple of Fieldfare, even the local Blackbirds
       kept out of its way, but it was fun watching it. Reports have been coming
       in of White Fronted Geese up at Ringstone so must find some time to get
       up there and hopefully see them.

       3 Mistle Thrush, 4 Blackbirds, 2 Blue Tit, 1 Great Tit, 2 Dunnock,
       2 Collared Dove, 1 Wren, 1 Sparrowhawk, Corvids and Gulls,
       8+ Redwing, 2 Fieldfare, 2 Robin, 4 Starling, 8 Goldfinch, 2 Chaffinch.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Gardenwatch Again

     Didn't bother going out today with blanket fog everywhere
     early doors so I loaded up the bird feeders and had a gardenwatch,
     and I'm glad I did, it was quiet at first but then livened up later on,
     Blackbirds were doing plenty of fighting and then a Great Tit showed
     up followed by a flock of Goldfinch which visited the garden on & off
     all day long, 2 Blue Tits then had a go at the peanut feeder and then
     later on another one showed up.

    In the back field a flock of 20+ Brambling flew over towards Boothtown
    and Lee Mount and then as the sun broke through the clouds and fog
    a flock of 10+ Redwing turned up in nearby trees, lots of Jackdaws
    & Crows about also.

    Back in the garden the Blackbirds were still fighting until 2 Collared
    Dove's turned up and spooked them for a while but they didn't seem to
    bother the 2 Chaffinch and Goldfinch that visited, 2 birds then turned up
    that looked like warblers but on closer inspection I think they were
    Dunnocks but a bit slender than the one's I'm used to seeing I even had
    to ring DS to put me right as I was that unsure at first, unless the light
    was playing tricks on me, a Wren and a Robin and 10+ Starlings also
    turned up during the day but the highlight of the day was my garden
    Woodmouse Mr Bo Jangles trying to lift up a slice of bread which was
    funny to watch, I'm amazed he's survived with next door's 4 cats and
    local Weasel and Foxes always hanging about but glad that he as.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Forgetful Me

      Not been out with camera for a few days and was looking
      forward to going to Southport and Martinmere with
      the Huddersfield & Halifax RSPB but this thicky got the
      dates wrong, I thought it was next week but it was today
      so ended up having a gardenwatch instead and missed out
      on lots of Whooper Swans and another 50+ species and
      instead got Bullfinch a first for the garden this year, 2 Blue
      Tit, 2 Chaffinch, 1 Robin, 1 Dunnock, 3 Blackbird, 5 Goldfinch,
      and 2 Collared Doves making babies and the regular Corvids
      and Gulls.

      Lots of reports this week of Pink Footed Geese flying over
      and a Bean Goose among a flock of them, a murmuration of
      Starlings at Brighouse, a Raven at Cromwell Bottom, Waxwings
      still about in various places, Tawny Owl's have been busy
      at night around the local fields, a Buzzard was soaring above
      Claremount and Shibden a few days ago.