Friday, 10 February 2017

Sutcliffe Wood Treat

       Took a stroll down Sutcliffe Wood Lane and what a treat it turned
       out to be, it was just a shame it was so cloudy and dark, plenty of
       Blue, Great and LTT'S with in a 2 minute walk from the car and
       lots of corvids and Wood Pigeon were about in the woods.
       I was in search of  Lesser Spotted and Green Woodpecker but
       got neither but I did hear the Green calling and did get a Greater
       Spotted Woodpecker, there were no rarity's to be found but I still
       enjoyed the wildlife that was about, the highlight was being very
       close to 2 Roe Deer I think they were as surprised to see me as I
       was them and a Kestrel hunting as I haven't seen one for a while,
       other birds on the walk were Robins, Blackbirds, Wrens, Chaffinch,
       Stock Doves, one what I thought and hoped was a LSW but it was
       too fast to properly identify, it had the colours though but I'll have
       to call it a near miss, and as I got back to the car a Jay flew overhead
       and a Grey Wagtail was strutting its stuff on the road.

       I then called up Coach Rd from the Hipperholme end but it was a
       lot quieter than Tuesday, nothing seen on the way down the track
       apart from 2 squirrels which were having a dance, but on the way
       back to the top 3 Jay were seen 60+ Redwing in 2 flocks of about
       30 each, 2 Robin, Blue & Great Tits, 2 Dunnock and a Treecreeper.

       Garden had the regular visitors and I had the bonus of a lone
       Brambling turning up but not for very long but its a first for my
       garden and a female Bullfinch was on the feeders, 20+ Redwing
       were in the back field which are turning up everyday, so overall
       I had a cracking day yesterday.




  1. Cracking Treecreeper and Great Spotted Woodpecker Dave.
    I've seen pr. Green Woodpecker opposite swimrite pool swalesmoor - from the Ring by track if it helps Dave.


  2. P.s. where is Sutcliffe Wood? Is it local?

  3. Opposite the Travellers Rest in Hipperholme John, park there and walk down the hill and just follow the road.