Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Buzzing Cromwell

   Took a trip down to Cromwell Bottom NR today and it
   was very busy with people as kids are on school break
   and the weather was good, the bird life also popped out
   to play which made it an enjoyable day.
   viewing area was full of photographers with top class
   equipment and builders up and down in there dumper
   trucks as the wildlife group are making a pathway down
   the riverside which is a great idea as it gets very boggy
   down there, bumped into Dave L while I was there and
   its always nice to see Dave.

   Plenty of Bullfinch and Robins in the viewing area along
   with Blue, Coal, Great and LTT's, also 4 Reed Buntings,
   a Nuthatch and what I thought was a Jay but colours
   completely different.
   I then took a walk around the reserve where 3 Wren were
   seen 4 Grey Heron, 5 Dunnock, 3 Goldfinch, Goosander,
   2 Teal and 6 Mallard up by the weir and 2 Buzzard screeching
   above the canal, I then took a walk around Pepper Hill but
   nothing much about just corvids and a Jay but another 2
   Buzzard were above Shibden Valley one headed up to the
   Ringby Lane area while the other one disappeared into the
   trees at the bottom of the valley.



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