Sunday, 14 May 2017

Cromwell Stroll 2

   I thought I'd try Cromwell again today hoping for some
   better views but again it proved a disaster 27 species seen
   today and plenty more heard but it was a nightmare trying
   to get a photograph, Oh well I'll just have to keep trying.

   I bumped into a nice fella and birder Dave F who was on
   a search for the Sedge Warbler which appeared fleetingly
   but was making plenty of noise as also was the Water Rail
   but it was unwilling to show itself, Coot, Grey Heron, Jay,
   Canada's and Reed Bunting were more obliging though at
   a distance in the lagoon area.

   Plenty of Goosanders on the river along with their ducklings
   I counted 15 but could of been more, the Kingfisher was
   darting up and down and a Buzzard flew out of Tag Loop did
   a quick circle and then vanished, viewing area was quiet apart
   from the regulars popping in now and again.

   I then walked up to the weir hoping for Wagtails and Dipper
   but drew a blank and was hoping to see Whitethroat and Blackcap
   in the hedges but again drew a blank, so off to the cabin I went
   for a well earned coffee where I bumped into Dave L and had a
   nice chat it was nice to see him and also a lady called Val who
   was setting up her photography equipment and a Jay came down
   to the feeders in timely fashion, on the way back to my car I met
   a nice family of photographers who'd  also had trouble pinning
   anything down, and I couldn't locate the Terns from the canal path
   but they were still on the lake as DF had seen them earlier.

   I did spot a Peregrine yesterday on the way back from the football
   it was flying around the steeple of the Piece Hall church spooking
   all the pigeons.


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  1. Not a 'disaster' Dave by anymeans!
    Nice pics as usual