Saturday, 29 April 2017

Buzzards over Claremount

    Went to the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group meeting
    on Wednesday, a good speech was made by Allan W
    which showed how passionate he is about wildlife and
    his local nature reserve, there were also some nice photographs
    shown from there trips to Mull and Shetland by Allan, Graham H,
    Barry N and Dave L.  I feel a bit ignorant about not staying
    around after the meeting but I had to rush off so I apologise to
    the group.

    Today 2 Buzzard were soaring and calling above Claremount
    Hill and yesterday 2 Greylag flew over toward Northowram,
    also today a Linnet was again on the garden feeders along
    with Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin,
    Starling and Collared Dove.


Monday, 24 April 2017

Leighton Moss Trip

    Had a lovely day out on sunday with the Halifax & Huddersfield
    RSPB Group, lovely weather, and lovely company and lots of
    action from the Leighton Moss birdlife, I observed over 60 species
    of birds on the day and some of the group spotted more than that,
    only downfall for me was that it was a poor day for photography
    as most of the birds were a long way off or hiding behind thick
    branches and hedges, oh well you can't have everything.

    Highlight of the day for me was getting to see and photograph
    a Grasshopper Warbler as it was a lifer for me, another lifer for
    me was a Great White Egret though only in flight, Cetti's Warblers
    were everywhere in fact I nearly stood on one, but getting a photo
    of one turned out to be impossible.

    Got my first Swallow, Marsh Harrier, Ring Ouzel and Blackcap
    of the year but the Cattle Egret and Garganey proved elusive for
    me though seen by others on the trip, also 2 Otters decided to make
    an appearance which is always nice but no sign of the Barn Owl that
    showed well last year or the Bearded Tit which I was hoping to see,
    but overall an excellent day for true birders and an enjoyable day for
    me and it wasn't overcrowded like it has been before, and I even
    bought a bird table and a clock so I think I got a bit giddy.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Garden Linnet

     Nice surprise the other morning when I spotted a new
     species of bird in the garden, at first I thought it was
     Redpoll but it didn't have a red crown and then I thought
     Linnet but Ive never known them be on feeders before so
     I sought some expert help from Dave S who confirmed it
     was a Linnet so I now had a new tick for the garden, it was
     joined by a Greenfinch and a Mistle Thrush and the regular
     Goldfinch, a Raptor has been making a lot of screeching
     noises for the last 2 mornings but I haven't managed to
     spot it yet, it sounded large whatever it was so I'm hoping
     somebody else might have spotted it.

     Around the district a Redstart, Redshank, Little Ringed
     Plover, Golden Plover and a Osprey flyover have been
     seen in the last week or so, which is great for this area,
     3 Buzzard soaring over Claremount heading towards
     Northowram was good to see but they were very high.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Grapevine News

   Not been out with camera for a week but the grapevine
   has been buzzing, Osprey was seen over the Gorple area,
   Black Redstart seen in 3 different areas which is great news
   and my friend JL did a great job of spotting one up around
   the Soil Hill area, 2 Peregrines flew over Claremount and
   were also seen by DJS at Swalesmoor, a Pied Flycatcher has
   also been seen around the Calderdale area, Foxes have been
   making a lot of nightly noise locally, Ravens have been flying
   over Swalesmoor and Claremount on a regular basis, Kestrel
   and Skylark were hovering about in the back field early this
   morning, Goldfinch, Blue Tits, Collared Dove and Wood Pigeon,
   were in the garden late afternoon.

   I backed the winner of the US Masters ( golf ) and the wife got
   1st and 3rd in the Grand National and my footie team won, so
   not a bad weekend even without any camera work.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Chiffchaff Crazy

     I ventured down to Cromwell Bottom for a couple
     of hours with the weather being nice even though I
     was aching all over after the wife dragged me to the
     gym last night and put me through my paces.
     First birds seen and heard were Chiffchaff and their
     was lots of them about all over the reserve.

     Chiffchaff here Chiffchaff there
     here a Chiff there a Chiff
     everywhere a Chiffchaff.

     Haha sorry I couldn't resist that one.
     Canada's and Cormorants were seen by the river and a
     Greater Spotted Woodpecker was seen and heard drumming
     across the water along with 3 Jay one of which dived in the
     river for a bath, its the second time Ive seen Jays do that.
     Coots and Mallard were on the lagoon along with the noisy
     Little Grebes, boy they can make a racket for a small bird.
     All the regular visitors were at the viewing area along with
     the pesky squirrels and a Grey Heron flyover, I then walked
     up to the weir where 2 Goosander were sunbathing and 2
     Canada's were doing the same on the North Loop.

    So an enjoyable couple of hours was had today with 27
    species of bird seen and two heard but not seen.

    Blackbird, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Canada Geese, Crows,
    Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Coal Tit, Collared Dove, Cormorant,
    Dunnock, Goldfinch,Goosander,  GSW, Great Tit, Grey Heron,
    Grey Wagtail, Jay, Little Grebe, LTT, Magpie, Mallard, Mute Swan,
    Reed Bunting, Robin, Woodpigeon and Wren, heard were Green
    Woodpecker and Treecreeper.