Saturday, 4 March 2017

Nice Day Spoilt

    Woke up this morning to lots of Blue Tits and Goldfinch
     in the garden and the Blue Tits were checking out the nest
     boxes which haven't been used for 3 years so fingers crossed
     for this year, also 2 Mistle Thrush and Blackbird were regular

    I then took a trip to a local wood and got 3 sightings of Barn Owl
    which I was chuffed about and a few Chaffinch, I then got in the
    car and had a trip to Ogden where it was manic with cars, so walked
    over the fields towards a boggy Back Lane and the Plantation on the
    lookout for Goldcrest which I found along with Chaffinch, Bullfinch,
    Pheasant and a Sparrowhawk flew just in front of me, but then the day
    got spoilt by a certain birdwatcher who was too handy with his phone
    instead of approaching me, you know who you are, I hope your proud
    of yourself NOT. Where I'm from you'd be known as a P---K.
    and how I broke every rule in the book is beyond me when I was sat in
    one secluded spot, when it suits seems to fit the local bird gang as I know
    they've all been in this certain place umpteen times and this place has an
    adventure playground ( HELLO ) so I'm sure the birds are used to it.
    So get your heads out of your arses as I wouldn't do anything to disturb
    or upset any kind of wildlife, it seems the so-called experts are allowed
    to do anything but if your a newbie its always wrong, so I'd advise any
    youngsters or new people interested in birding around these parts to stick
    to your IPads or go to a footie match coz you'll deffo not be made welcome.
    and by the way wildlife is for everyone to enjoy not just the people that
    have been at it years, advice might be whats needed not bitchiness.
    God I'm fuming and sorry to anyone reading this who's not involved but
    it really is pathetic.   RANT OVER.



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