Monday, 13 March 2017

Curlew Crazy

         Decided to give Cold Edge Dams a go today after waking up
         to a Kestrel in view outside the window so thought my luck was in,
         I now know why its called Cold Edge because it was bloody
         freezing with the gusty cold wind blowing, searched in the 
         goose field first for the Barnacle geese that have been seen there,
         but they must of gone visiting somewhere else because only Canada's
         could be seen but I heard that they turned up later on, just my luck.
         Bottom Lake held Canada Geese, 2 Tufted Duck, 1 Golden eye a few
         Curlew flying about and very vocal also canada's flitting about and
         a couple of unid'd in the heather, Pheasant could be heard but not
         seen and Skylark were vocal, the other 2 lakes held Canada's but
         nothing else so I moved on to my next stop

         I parked up on Castle Carr Road and my first birds were 2 Little Owl,
         a flock of Fieldfare up near Cold Edge Rd and Curlew flyovers and
         there was lots of those all morning there seemed to be loads of em,
         half way up the road were about 10 Lapwing flying about and a 
         Kestrel and again lots of Curlew and Skylarks, 3 quarters of the
         way up the road were Goldfinch in the small bushes that are there,
         they were the only small birds I seen all day, overall it wasn't a bad
         day apart from the strong wind and dark clouds that spoilt it a bit.
         Just 15 species spotted today again not including gulls oh and a 
         Sparrowhawk was seen up Swalesmoor Rd.


1 comment:

  1. Cold as Christmas today.
    Nice in flight shots.
    Hope all is OK with you Dave.