Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cracking Cromwell

     Woke up this morning to Blackbird, Goldfinch, Collared Doves
     and a Sparrowhawk flypast, was undecided what to do today as
     my enthusiasm was on a downer with the bitchiness and jealousy
     thats gone on lately with a couple of anal birders, but then I thought
     stuff em and took a trip to Cromwell Bottom where I had a cracking
     day and the nice weather helped, I bumped into a bloke visiting the
     reserve from Leeds so I had a walk around the place with him as he
     tested out his new sigma lens.

     Counted 29 species on the day not including Gulls so not a bad
     morning at all-:

     Blackbird, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Canada Geese, Crow, Coal Tit, Coll Doves,
     Cormorant, Dunnock, Goldcrest, Goldfinch, Goosander, Great Tit,Moorhen,
     Jay, LTT, Magpie, Mallard, Mistle Thrush, Mute Swan, Reed Bunting,
     Robin, Siskin, Sparrowhawk, Starling, Teal, Tufted Duck, Wren and WP.
     I missed out on the 3 Buzzard that were around Swalesmoor.



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