Monday, 20 March 2017

Camera Dropping Day.

      Took a trip up to Hartlepool on Sunday with DP and the
      Hudds & Halifax RSPB group and seen 56 species of birds
      and others seen more but the only downfall is my camera strap
      snapped and the camera went with a bang and all the best pics
      won't download ( here we go again I've no luck with this camera ).
      The weather stayed good apart from the wild wind and I got a few
      lifers during the day, Shorelark but at a long distance, Icelandic Gull,
      Common Scoter which was out in the sea.

      Long Eared Owl was seen perched in a tree, and a few seen a Short 
      Eared Owl but I missed that one as I was watching the Seals swim up 
      the river, lots of Redshank and Little Egret about but my faves on the
      day were the Eider ducks they're beautiful.
      Anyway I'll post a couple of pics that survived.



  1. Loveley Eider in flight shots Dave.

    Oh and just after the Eider, the selfie's pretty good too.

    Shame about the pics - a good camera shop might be worth a try, to see if they can read the damaged card?


  2. Gutted about the shorelark pics but that was my fault as I had the camera on the wrong settings, good day but also a brain freeze day,