Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Belting Barn Owls

      Ventured out today up Swalesmoor wondering if the
      Snow Bunting was still there but if it was I didn't find it
      nothing but Corvids and Blackbirds I had a good a
      good scout around for it but no sign, so then decided to
      go to Ogden where I bumped into BS and we had a good
      natter, we seen a flock of Fieldfare with Starlings in the
      distance before he left, 5 mins later I bumped into DW
      and we scoured the area for a while but just a flock of
      Mistle Thrush and Wood Pigeon before he had to leave,
      oh and a Little Owl which BS had spotted earlier.

      I then got a phone call from the wife saying she'd be late
      so thought I'd stay out a bit longer and I'm so glad I did,
      not long after DW had gone 2 Raven and a Kestrel flew
      over and then 6 Brambling mixed with Chaffinch were
      seen at a distance in the Back Lane area, I then ventured
      to some woods which I visit now & again and came up
      trumps with 2 belting & beautiful Barn Owls a first for
      me in Calderdale so as you can imagine I was well chuffed,
      so staying out a bit longer than I intended to paid off.