Monday, 12 December 2016

Redwing Garden

         Got up this morning wondering where to head off
         to today at least a little bit of sun was shining through
         early doors but it wasn't to last, but what a nice surprise
         to see 7 Redwing in the garden and in the trees in the
         back field along with Blackbirds, Starlings, Goldfinch,
         Blue & Great Tits and a Wren and a Robin, oh nearly
         forgot and a Fieldfare and 2 Mistle Thrush.
         The 7 Redwing were soon joined by others before they
         flew off towards Shibden Park making it about 20+ once
         they were all up in the air, so with hopes high once again
         decided to head up to Soil Hill in search of the possible
         Snow Bunting.

         I first stopped at the bottom of Taylor Lane as I always do
         in hope of seeing the elusive Weasel that hangs around
        their running about on the walls, as I got there I bumped
        into JL who was on his way to Soil Hill on the same search,
        I then stopped off at the top of Taylor Lane in hope of seeing
        the Little Owl which as been seen there a few times, I finally
        spotted it but not where it usually is, it was on a wall by the
        track up to Soil Hill.

        Now for the Snow Bunting and guess what ? NOTHING after
        a circuit of the area, with me and JL going in different directions
        in hope of seeing it but no joy but I did manage to see one Reed
        Bunting which was a bonus as I've never seen one up there.

        Right Ogden here I come even though it was getting very dark
        and starting to rain, no Kingfisher or Dipper down by the dam,
        it was like a ghost town for birds none about apart from Mallards
        & Gulls galore until I seen NK with his camera to his eye looking
        into the middle of the lake, I followed his lead and spotted 3 Wigeon
        which made up for the rest of the dour walk, I then went up to
        the Plantation where there were just 3 Pheasant, 2 male 1 female.


  1. Some good spots there Dave.
    Nice spot with the Little Owl -it was a different one to mine - must be a few about up there and the Reed Bunt.
    A result at Ogden as well.


  2. Think there must be John, no Waggie again tho Grrrrr.