Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Swalesmoor Silence

             Had an hour out up Swalesmoor yesterday before
             picking young'un up from school but was very quiet
             apart from Crows & Gulls, 4 Goldfinch were at the
            bottom of the track up Ringby Lane, builders were
            busy on the farm and the helicopter was in the yard,
            up on the tops there were plenty of pools but no birds
            in them so I hung around for a few mins and a Meadow
            Pipit showed up but kept disappearing in the long grass,
            then a Snipe shot up from 6 yards in front of me and flew
            off with some speed towards the Shibden area, on the way
            back down the track a Sparrowhawk flew overhead.
            I then had 10 mins to spare so had a look around the Green
            Lane area of Shelf but same again Crows & Gulls in fields,
            100+ Starlings milling about the trees and some Blue Tits
            on some garden feeders, oh and about 5 Rabbits, so not much
            to shout home about I'm afraid.


                                          more pics from last year ( below )


  1. A good spot for Snow Bunt in the Wagtail field on the top Dave.

  2. I'll keep looking Bri with big hopes, have they been seen there before ?