Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Local Walk

          Took a walk around Claremount Hill and Swalesmoor
          for a couple of hours at dusk and I don't think it was
          one of my brightest idea's but enjoyed it anyway
          especially when I spotted a Little Owl which cheered
          me up and made the walk worthwhile.
          Claremount Hill-:
          6 Mistle Thrush
          6 Redwing
          2 Fieldfare
          3 Robin
          1 Little Owl
          8 Blackbirds
          3 Great Tit
          1 Blue Tit
          Lots of Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws, Starlings & Magpies.
          Swalesmoor didn't produce much at all and by the time
          I got up there it was very dark.
          3 Meadow Pipit
          1 Kestrel
          3 Grey Partridge.
          Its a shame the farm has cut down the Linnet & Twite tree
          near the bottom of Ringby Lane.




  1. Cheers John, couldn't believe how fast the light dropped, they are a cracking little bird and nothing seems to phase them.

  2. Some very nice shots there Dave - esp the Little Owl and the Jackdaw