Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kingfisher at Ogden

                Woke up this morning to a busy day in the garden
                avian wise, Goldfinch, Wren, Mistle Thrush, Starling
                along with Magpie, Jackdaw and Crows overhead.
                So decided to pay a visit to Ogden Water again for
                a good birdy day which turned out to be a disaster
                for the first hour, not a bird in sight until a Nuthatch
                popped up at a distant so with all hope gone set off
                back to the car through the crowds of people only to
                have my day brightened up by the top bridge by a
                Kingfisher that I was lucky to spot in the fading light
                that sat and posed for a while in between a bit of fishing,
                20 yards on 2 Wren were flying around the banking and 8
                Chaffinch in the bushes. I then looked for yesterdays
                Mandarin Ducks but if they were there I didn't spot them.
                                                 I then had the bright idea to go to
                Soil Hill hoping for Owls and guess what NOTHING
                except for a very cold wind, I seen someone else braving
                the cold with his binoculars in action I hope he had more
                luck than me, I think it was Brian.S. but not certain.



  1. Like the Kingfisher photos Dave.
    Never had the Kingfisher there. seen them either flying or below the prom.
    Cold as a fridge on Soil Hill this morning!!


  2. It was the same late afternoon so didn't stay long mate. I think the birds knew it was bonfire night so we're keeping their heads down, was quiet everywhere.