Thursday, 24 November 2016

Flighty Waxwing

              Woke up this morning intent on going over to Adel Dam,
              but first needed to go and get some air in the car tyres when
              I had a brainwave to go to where the Waxwing had been seen
              or would it be a waste of time, so was glad when a message
              came through the grapevine that they were still there so off I
              headed to Stansfield Close and guess what, when I got there
              no sign of them, a nice old bloke told me they'd just gone and
              how he's been watching them for the last couple of days through
              house window and that they'd be back, I rang DS complaining
              they weren't there and had I got the right place, any way 5 mins
              later true to the old blokes words they turned up in the tree near
              to where my car was parked though I thought they were Starlings
              while in flight with the light being low but was well chuffed that
              they'd shown up, A few other birders then turned up with camera's
              and binoculars in hand and it was nice to meet them, SB, PD, DW,
              BH, and a fella from Huddersfield, Phil D was delivering pallets
              to Brighouse but made a detour to see the Waxwings and kept
              saying I've got to go but half hour later he was still their which
              was funny, 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 GreatTits, 6 Blackbird, 10+ Starlings
              were also in the area.


  1. Well Done catching up with the Waxwings Dave and getting some great pictures, just a little bit jealous!
    Regards Nigel.

  2. Glad you got em Dave. One of the more obliging birds to photograph.

  3. Hey up Dave - beautiful pictures.
    Glad you got them.


  4. Cheers lads, these lot weren't very obliging Brian they were very flighty, the first time I seen them about 5 years ago you could've touched them but these not a chance.