Monday, 14 November 2016

Dismal Day

                 What a dismal day, weather wise, birding wise and
                 photography wise. Just had an hour out today so had
                 a drive around went to Ogden for 10 mins to see if the
                 Pintail Ducks were there and they were, then up to Soil
                 Hill scoring a zilch then hung around Taylor Lane hoping
                 to see JL's Grey Wagtail but to no avail just 100+ Starlings,
                 Crows and Gulls, Garden had Starlings, Goldfinch and 2
                 Mistle Thrush.  Not a happy bunny today.

                                          A few pics from last year


  1. Like the Starling gobbling the berries Dave.


  2. Wish they'd leave some for the Waxwings, fingers crossed.