Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Local Walk

          Took a walk around Claremount Hill and Swalesmoor
          for a couple of hours at dusk and I don't think it was
          one of my brightest idea's but enjoyed it anyway
          especially when I spotted a Little Owl which cheered
          me up and made the walk worthwhile.
          Claremount Hill-:
          6 Mistle Thrush
          6 Redwing
          2 Fieldfare
          3 Robin
          1 Little Owl
          8 Blackbirds
          3 Great Tit
          1 Blue Tit
          Lots of Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws, Starlings & Magpies.
          Swalesmoor didn't produce much at all and by the time
          I got up there it was very dark.
          3 Meadow Pipit
          1 Kestrel
          3 Grey Partridge.
          Its a shame the farm has cut down the Linnet & Twite tree
          near the bottom of Ringby Lane.



Friday, 25 November 2016

Waxwings in Action

            Couldn't get out today so thought I'd post a few
            more pics from yesterday of the Waxwing.
            Reports were Ring-Necked Parakeet up Queensbury
            from NK, Widgeon and Teal at Ogden Water seen by
            BS and 150 Lapwing at Raggalds Flood seen by DJS.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Flighty Waxwing

              Woke up this morning intent on going over to Adel Dam,
              but first needed to go and get some air in the car tyres when
              I had a brainwave to go to where the Waxwing had been seen
              or would it be a waste of time, so was glad when a message
              came through the grapevine that they were still there so off I
              headed to Stansfield Close and guess what, when I got there
              no sign of them, a nice old bloke told me they'd just gone and
              how he's been watching them for the last couple of days through
              house window and that they'd be back, I rang DS complaining
              they weren't there and had I got the right place, any way 5 mins
              later true to the old blokes words they turned up in the tree near
              to where my car was parked though I thought they were Starlings
              while in flight with the light being low but was well chuffed that
              they'd shown up, A few other birders then turned up with camera's
              and binoculars in hand and it was nice to meet them, SB, PD, DW,
              BH, and a fella from Huddersfield, Phil D was delivering pallets
              to Brighouse but made a detour to see the Waxwings and kept
              saying I've got to go but half hour later he was still their which
              was funny, 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 GreatTits, 6 Blackbird, 10+ Starlings
              were also in the area.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Waxwings Jealousy

              Haven't been out for the last 2 days so nothing for me
              to report as Monday I was soaked to the skin at work
              and today didn't finish until dark, but on the bright side
              I heard through the grapevine that Waxwings had been
              spotted down Hanson Lane, Nigel K has some nice pics
              of them on his blog, I just wish they'd head over my way
              and hopefully somebody will spot a Snow Bunting in the
              next couple of days.
              Some pics of last years Snow Bunting (below)-:


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Claremount Hill

               Didn't fancy getting out today with the bad weather
               until I heard honking swans and looked out of the
               window and seen 4 Whoopers flying over, so with
               my spirit brightened decided to have a walk around
               my local area until the football on the tele started, first
               birds were 5 Blackbirds on Claremount Hill also known
               as Pepper Hill then up onto the track to scour the farm
               fields which were full of Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws & Rooks,
               further on were Robins, 2 Goldfinch, 2 Goldcrest and 3
               Grey Partridge and a Pied Wagtail with which I
               had to seek the expert knowledge of Brian S. and Dave S.
               as I thought it might be a Yellow Wagtail with it having a
               yellowish face, but it seems it's a winter plumage on a few.
               Then back to the house to watch my team get beat 2-0.
               1 Wren was also seen and a report of 2 Stonechats from BS
                at Soil Hill.