Friday, 29 January 2016

Pepper Hill

           Took a walk around Pepper Hill this afternoon in 60 mph
           gale force winds, first bird I seen was a Sparrowhawk being
           blown about and wishing like I had that he should've stayed
           at home, not one of my wisest moves going for a walk on the
           hills today as not much to be seen either, 20+ Crows,
           10+ Magpies, 8+ Wood Pigeon, 3 Goldfinch, 2 Bullfinch in
           the Brambles and what looked like a Merlin being blown through
           Shibden valley but not a positive ID as it was going faster than
           Lewis Hamilton and the only thing in the sky was a Helicopter.
           Got talking to a nice fella who was the son-in-law of Howard
           Creber a well known birder and he also knew Brian Sumner
           another professional local birder.

                        Thought I'd put a few pics on of last March's treat at Soil Hill
                        the cracking little Snow Bunting.


  1. Always good to get Bullfinch. They seem to avoid me most days.
    Have a good weekend - hope you're not working it.

  2. Must have been Dylan Downes you were talking too.
    Think you,ve got me mixed up with someone else with the professional
    birder bit.

  3. No you're deffo a pro at the game Bri, didn't get his name but nice lad tho, he lived in Queensbury.

    Yeah working Saturday John worst luck