Monday, 11 January 2016

A Quiet Wander

          Paid a visit to Soil Hill and Ogden after a bit of shopping,
          Soil Hill was a bit of a disaster after a good start with a Snipe
          but then that was it and then the fog came in, so decided to
          have a look around Ogden and that was just as bad 1 Robin
          at the bridge, 1 Treecreeper on way up to the Giants Tooth,
          2 Wren on the way back down and a robin on the lake path,
          plenty of Gulls and Mallards at the promenade area but no sign
          of Kingfisher but could of been looking in wrong area, I then
          went up to Ned Lane lots of Crows and 2 Stock Doves ? I think,
         then down to Taylor Lane where  30+  Fieldfare were in a field
         at the top but were soon in flight towards Raggald Flood.

         Garden had 20+ Goldfinch, 4 Greenfinch one was the fattest I've
         ever seen, 1 Dunnock and 1 Kestrel flypast.

                                           Stock Doves ?


  1. Like the Treecreeper pic.
    They don't stay still long do they?
    Bet Soil Hill was cool today?

  2. Was a bit nippy mate, nowt up there apart from a Snipe which soon flew off. Should of met you today seen as I had a day off.

  3. Out with Sue today - I have to keep on the move, Sue's not one for looking too long fir birds!