Friday, 30 December 2016

Busy Day at Cromwell

          Took a walk around Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve
          today and was surprised how busy it was, lots of walkers,
          joggers and Anglers on a frosty morning, lots of frost still
          on the canal path as I arrived, Grey Heron flew over the Ski lake.
          Had a look on the Lagoon first and heard a Warbler and a
          Snipe but couldn't locate them among all the reeds, 3 Mallard
          were up by the bridge and a Nuthatch was at the viewing area
          along with the regulars but it didn't stay long but then the lovely
          LTT'S turned up 6 of them darting about all over the place, I then
          took a walk up to the meadow and was chuffed to see 8 Siskin high
          up in the trees mixed with Goldfinch, 2 Dunnock and 2 Wren were
          up there as well, nothing seen up by the weir apart from 6 Mallard
          and a few uni'd's, decided to walk along the canal back to my car and
          got a nice surprise with a Kingfisher on a branch which was a nice
          finish to the day, 6 Canada's were resting on the banking over the river.
          I looked out for the Pink Footed Geese that had been reported on the
          way home but nothing seen or heard.



Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Out & About at Last

     Not been out for over a week with being busy at work and then
     picking up an injury while out posting, but got out today for a
     few hours, the grapevine as been active and my back field as been
     busy, early in the week a Short Eared Owl was flying about in the
     back field and also a Tawny Owl was heard, 20+ what I think were
     Herring Gull had a flyover and also 20+ Jackdaw heading towards
     the town centre and Redwing keep making appearances, a Fox has
     been calling most nights and barking a lot.
     I've had reports of Brambling in Shibden Park and lots of geese
     flyovers today all over the place.
     I had a trip up to Soil Hill yesterday and seen absolutely nothing
     but Gulls, but at least the garden had 6 Goldfinch, 3 Blackbirds,
     2 Wren and 2 Chaffinch.

     Today 20+ Redwing were in the back field and a few dropped into
     the garden, 3 Blackbird, 6 Jackdaw were popping about, I had a
     stroll up Swalesmoor where a flock of Linnets were flying about
     or could of been Twite ( wishful thinking ).

Monday, 12 December 2016

Redwing Garden

         Got up this morning wondering where to head off
         to today at least a little bit of sun was shining through
         early doors but it wasn't to last, but what a nice surprise
         to see 7 Redwing in the garden and in the trees in the
         back field along with Blackbirds, Starlings, Goldfinch,
         Blue & Great Tits and a Wren and a Robin, oh nearly
         forgot and a Fieldfare and 2 Mistle Thrush.
         The 7 Redwing were soon joined by others before they
         flew off towards Shibden Park making it about 20+ once
         they were all up in the air, so with hopes high once again
         decided to head up to Soil Hill in search of the possible
         Snow Bunting.

         I first stopped at the bottom of Taylor Lane as I always do
         in hope of seeing the elusive Weasel that hangs around
        their running about on the walls, as I got there I bumped
        into JL who was on his way to Soil Hill on the same search,
        I then stopped off at the top of Taylor Lane in hope of seeing
        the Little Owl which as been seen there a few times, I finally
        spotted it but not where it usually is, it was on a wall by the
        track up to Soil Hill.

        Now for the Snow Bunting and guess what ? NOTHING after
        a circuit of the area, with me and JL going in different directions
        in hope of seeing it but no joy but I did manage to see one Reed
        Bunting which was a bonus as I've never seen one up there.

        Right Ogden here I come even though it was getting very dark
        and starting to rain, no Kingfisher or Dipper down by the dam,
        it was like a ghost town for birds none about apart from Mallards
        & Gulls galore until I seen NK with his camera to his eye looking
        into the middle of the lake, I followed his lead and spotted 3 Wigeon
        which made up for the rest of the dour walk, I then went up to
        the Plantation where there were just 3 Pheasant, 2 male 1 female.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dark & Bleak

       Not been out today because was having to sort
       the house out for new carpets to arrive and the
       weather was dark and bleak and no good for
       getting any decent pics, but got a report off of
       BS that a Snow Bunting could be back on Soil
       Hill, not a deffo but a possibility.
       Some pics to be looking at again from the past.
       Lots of Redwing & Fieldfare flying over Pepper
       Hill early morning and Chaffinch, Goldfinch &
       Blackbird in the garden also early doors.