Friday, 6 November 2015

Bad day at the Office

         Thought I'd have venture out today as not been out for ages
         because of decorating duty's and wall to wall fog, started out at
         Ringby Lane, Swalesmoor but nothing but crows to see 200+
         of them so onto Taylor Lane and same result nothing but a few
         crows 10+ Gulls and a dead rabbit in the road, was hoping to see
         Fieldfare but drew a blank but they were reported there 1 hour
         later by Dave S, next I decided to brave Soil Hill hoping to see
         the reported Long Eared Owls, bumped into Dave S who was of
         the same mind ( lovely bloke always willing to teach me ), we
         flushed a Snipe which is a first for me up there, then went in search
         of the owls and bumped into NK who told us they were nowhere to
         be seen so with hopes dashed set of home as it was windy, wet and
         miserable flushing a Skylark on the way back to the car, the Jay was
         a bonus in the garden but overall I'd call today a disaster so hoping
         for better luck at the weekend.


  1. Bad luck on the LEO,s Dave, sounds like they have moved on.
    Don,t despair, every dip is one trip nearer to a mega.

  2. Cool Jay shot Dave.
    Well done braving Soil Hill , bad luck with the Owl.
    I might try up there tomorrow , if so, we can both cry in our beer 'cos you know my record on soil hill!!
    Enjoy the weekend.