Thursday, 15 October 2015

Oh So Quiet

            Not blogged for a while due to family commitments
            but nothing to report really, 8 Mistle Thrush have been
            in the garden and the back field and 1 Redwing in the garden
            this afternoon, 2 Dunnock, 20+ Goldfinch, 4 Chaffinch, lots of
            Wood Pigeons flying over in dribs and drabs and a Roe Deer
            in the garden yesterday morning seen by the Mother-In-Law.

            Last night went to Hebden Bridge to a talk being given by
            Mark Avery about his new book the "Inglorious" about banning
            driven Grouse Shoots and heather burning which could be the
            reason for the floods in Hebden Bridge, it was an interesting and
            enjoyable talk and as well as being a nice guy he also tries to get
            things done rather than just taking a back seat and watch things
            go bad like me for instance.

            was nice to bump into Steve B and Ted at the talk who are both
            very knowledgable about conservation and nature, its always nice
            to listen and learn off them, the same applies to Dave S and Brian S.


  1. Nice one with the Redwing Dave.
    I've yet to get a photo of Redwing this autumn.

  2. Thanks for that Dave, what we don,t know we make up.
    Glad you enjoyed the talk, its good that people try but unfortunately money talks like in all blood sports. The rich, sad men will pay any amount of money to kill something and no one will ever stop it unfortunately.
    Could do with a Redwing in my garden.

  3. They're sad people Bri, foxes, stoats, weasels, raptors killed just so the rich can have fun and the landowners get richer it's sickening, have they never heard of clay pigeons.