Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cromwell & Ringstone

            Paid a visit to Cromwell Bottom today and I'm glad I did it
            was very active with birdlife, 3 CBNR members were working
            hard in the cabin area GH, DL, BW and a member of the canal
            and river trust was giving out leaflets on the canal.

            5 Jay
            4 Canada
            2 Moorhen
            4 Mallard
            2 Wren
            4 Siskin
            2 Nuthatch
            1 Greater Spotted Woodpecker
            8 Long Tailed Tits
            1 Kestrel
            8 Goosander flyover
            1 Raven, Bullfinch
            and huggings of Chaffinch and Blue, Coal & Great Tits.

                    Then decided to take a trip up to Ringstone on bright sunny day
                    but no rarities just 100+ Lapwing, 20+ Canadas with 1 Greylag
                    with them and loads of Gulls and a cracking Little Owl in the
                    Bull field opposite.

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