Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Taylor and Roper Lane

            Had a trip up to Taylor Lane today to see if the Cuckoo were still there
            and they were, well 2 of them were but weather very poor for photography,
            I met Denise and another birder up there and she'd just seen 3 Whinchat
            and 2 Wheatear up Old Guy Rd, I ventured up there after Taylor Lane
            but had no joy and also went on Roper lane on the look out for Redstart
            but again no joy though BS, GH and DS had more luck and seen it, I did
            manage to see 3 Kes and 10 Common Gull on Roper lane.
            Lots of Swallows, Linnets, Goldfinch, Siskin and Greenfinch up Taylor lane
            and the 2 Cuckoo.
            Garden had a first with 2 Coal Tits visiting with the regular Goldfinch also
            2 Great Tits, 4 Blue Tits and 4 Greenfinch and a Raven flyover.

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