Sunday, 20 September 2015

So Fogged Off

    Popped up to Fly Flats today very hopeful but all I got was a
    blanket of fog, had a natter with BS up there and he was as fed
    up as I was, so ventured down the Withens and then up to Soil Hill
    and Taylor Lane, Soil Hill was dead and nothing in the air either.
   Fly Flats-: 20+ Meadow Pipits
                     2 Red Grouse
                     3 Greylag.
                    50+ Goldfinch
                    6 Meadow Pipit
                    2 Little Owl.
    Soil Hill-:
                    2 Meadow Pipit
                    1 Kestrel.
    Taylor Lane-:
                    100+ Goldfinch & Meadow Pipit
                     8 Common Gull, Mallard flyover
                     4 Kestrel. 3 of those at top of roper lane.