Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fly Flatts & Soil (soul destroying) Hill

           Had a trip up to Fly Flatts yesterday evening and this afternoon
           after hearing of Short Eared Owls being spotted, but no sign of them
           for me in fact not much sign of anything.
           1 Kestrel both days
           1 Buzzard both days
           1 Juvenile Wheatear today
           1 Stonechat today
           6 Swifts yesterday
           lots of Canada's both days. Little Owl & Swallows at Withens
          I then headed up to Soil Hill but it was soul destroying.
          1 Meadow Pipit
          1 Skylark
          1 Kestrel
          1 female Pheasant that I nearly stood on
          3 Wood Pigeon
          1 Stock Dove.
          another Kestrel hovering on back road nr Raggalds pub.

         Garden had the regular finches and 2 Bullfinch have returned again
         which I'm chuffed about and Buzzard was soaring overhead, had a
         Sparrowhawk attacking my finches on saturday just missing my head
         it looked like a juvenile one and the finches got away this time.

        I've been on a Garlic diet for a month and Ive lost 3 friends and a wife.



  1. Nice one with the Stonechat , still evading me!
    Cool Little Owl pic.
    And the joke ... least said easiest mended..
    (Have you been reading my book "Jokes for birders"?).