Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wandering About

           Had a wander about today with it being my day off, first
           stop was Soil Hill on a dull but very calm day, not much
           happening today though, 4 Curlew making a lot of noise
           4 Lapwing bobbing about, 7 Linnets 2 Red Grouse flushed,
           lots of Pipits & Skylarks and a couple of Pheasant.
            Then up to Ogden Water but was too busy so decided to
           give it a miss but a jay flew in front of me and spotted a
            Little Owl on my travels, next I nipped up to Ovenden Moor
           and the first bird I spotted was a Wheatear and then another
           but nothing but Meadow Pipits and Curlews after that and a
           couple of Pheasant, was an enjoyable morning shame about
           the poor light.
           Surprised that no raptors were to be seen apart from the owl,
           garden had Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Chaffinch, 2 Collared
           Dove and a couple of Jackdaws.


  1. 2m 1f Ring Ouzel up on the hill today Dave, must have dodged you.

  2. missed it yesterday as well I think everything dodged me up there today Bri, thought I'd seen one but no positive ID. Bloke pulled me up down by the road and said he read the blogs he thought they were interesting he drove his car into the farm driveway at first so don't know if he was the owner of the farm or not, but nice to know people have a read of our drivel it gave me a bit of a boost though. haha

  3. Nice Little Owl Dave.
    Bad luck with the Ouzle.

  4. Got a pic of a female or a female blackbird at wainstalls will have a double check or put it on here for Brian to Id.