Thursday, 9 April 2015

Swalesmoor Evening

   Visited Swalesmoor this evening to see if any Wheatears had
    turned up but no joy, Pipits and Skylarks were low in numbers
    but the Crows made up for that and about 20 Wood Pigeon, I've
    never seen as many together, 8 LBB Gulls and 2 Red Grouse.
    Got checked out by the farmer up there I think he thought I
    had a gun instead of a lens and then seen 10 Chaffinch at bottom
    of Ringby Lane. 1 drunken Crow.
                  3 Collared Dove
                  8 Goldfinch
                  4 Chaffinch
                  2 Blackbirds
                  2 Wood Pigeon
                  8 Starling.

                                           Drunken Crow


  1. Amazing what crows pick up.Had one with a bagof crisps in field at Southowram a while back.
    Think your crow has a can of kestrel larger?
    Nice pics.

  2. Haha like the kestrel lager bit, nice one. Have you been up to spot the Shrike mate ?.