Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ringby Lane & Soil Hill

           Had a walk up Ringby Lane this evening in the sun but still
           very windy at top of the slope were a flock of Linnet & Twite
           in the farm yard and on the big tree that's there.
           Meadow Pipits kept popping up now and again and 3 what
           could of been Herring Gulls, 2 Partridge flushed from a scrape,
           hundreds of Crows & Jackdaws, 1 Kestrel hovering about, then
           dog walkers and joggers turned up so thought I'd have a drive
           over to Soil Hill.
           Plenty of Pipits & Skylarks knocking about and very noisy,
           2 Curlew in the old farmhouse field, 4 Lapwings got swooped
           by one of them, so must be careful where I'm treading, 2 Canada's
           down by the pond and 3 Pheasant close by it, 1 Kestrel flying about
           and one unidentified thought it was a pipit at first but a bit smaller
           and a really deep dark brown ( Stonechat ?),my first House Martin
           nr Raggalds.


  1. Nice one with the House Martin.

    Great photos as usual Dave

  2. Thought the unidentified was a ring ouzel at first but too far away and moving fast so no positive ID then someone said they'd seen one there yesterday so it got me wondering.