Friday, 17 April 2015

Elusive Pimpernel

        Went up to Soil Hill again tonight to try and see that damned elusive
         pimpernel ( Ring Ouzel ). I got out of the car and seen BS making
         his way up the path so tried to catch him up as he knows the hot spots
         up there but he was like Usain Bolt I got to the end of the path but no
         sign of him, took a circular route and finally bumped into him when he
         was on his way back to the car and telling me he'd seen the Ouzels and
         directed me to where he'd seen them and got some pics, well I set off
         with high hopes and guess what NOTHING I was gutted, oh well thats
         nature for ya. I seen a bird land on a fence post and thought YES but
         it was only a stray starling, I got all giddy for nowt.

         Birds seen-:
                            1 Grey Heron down at pond
                            6 Pheasant
                            8 Lapwing
                            2  Partridge
                            1 Raven flying overhead
                             Meadow Pipits coming out of my ears.
                             6 Curlew.

                                           The Pretender

                                            Usain Bolt



  1. Ya shouldn't be getting giddy at your age Dave.
    Nice pic. of the Queensbury Guru though!
    Better luck next time.


  2. Possibly gone down to roost Dave, they kept flying along the bottom towards the red body and back, there,ll be more. Never enough time to walk slow.