Friday, 27 March 2015

Hirst Wood Walk

                   Met my old mate Chris T. today & had a nice stroll
                   around Hirst & Nab wood and a river walk, lots of birds
                   to be seen and heard but not easy to get pics of any.

                   5 Goldcrest
                   6 Nuthatch
                   1 Kingfisher
                   8 Wrens & 8 Meadow Pipits
                   6 Jay
                   Greylag & Canada Geese
                   6 Pied Wagtail
                   3 Grey Wagtail
                   1 Sparrowhawk
                   1 Oystercatcher
                   2 Treecreepers
                    Chiff Chaffs & Woodpeckers heard but not seen,
                    lots of Blackbirds & Tit family, Gulls & Corvids.


  1. Some smashing colours there Dave - like the Grey Wag.

  2. Nice Pied with the flies around it Dave

  3. It was full of fly's and midges down by the canal Bri, nr the sewage treatment plant oystercatcher was on there too.

    Cheers John

  4. Good spot there Dave, usually Chiffchaff in the Ivy on Ivy Cottage by the sewage works, a Siberian Chiffchaff turned up there a few years ago.

  5. I heard them Brian but none seen, wish I had a talent for bird song because there was some lovely and some strange songs and sounds from the birds and I've never seen as many Jays together as I did in the woods and farmland at the bottom of Nab Wood Cemetery.