Sunday, 1 March 2015

Herons Busy Today

                           Payed a vist to CBNR today for an hour
                           was quiet down at the viewing area maybe coz i'd been
                           told a sparrow hawk had just flown through.
                           Car park area was busy with the tit family & robins
                           and the juvenile Mute Swan was having a fight with
                           an old rag.
                                            The Herons were busy building nests and a
                           few flyovers with branches in their beaks was seen, they
                           having naughty's in trees so looks like spring is here.

                           Garden quiet early doors but near tea time it went crazy
                            10 Goldfinch
                            12 Chaffinch most I've seen at one time
                            4 Blackbirds
                            2 Song Thrush
                            2 Great Tit
                            1 Wren
                             2 Greenfinch
                            Crows, Gulls & Magpies in back field
                             2 Collared Dove
                             Flock of Starlings had a quick visit and then flew into town.

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