Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Mixenden Whoopers

   I was undecided today whether to stay local or
   go further afield but after a call off of BS my mind
   was made up as he had found 8 Whooper Swans at
   Mixenden Reservoir, so off I went with fingers crossed
   that they'd still be there and luckily they were, looking
   all majestic in the sunshine.
   Lots of Treecreepers were in the woods along with LTT's,
   Chaffinch, Robin and Blue Tits, Canada's and Mallard were
   on the water, I then nipped up to Castle Carr where their was
   a Little Owl and 3 Skylark and 2 Kestreland that was it.
   Garden had Brambling , Blue and Great Tits, Goldfinch,
   Dunnock, Blackbird, Wren, 4 Collared Dove and 3 Ferals.
   Claremount Hill had a light Coloured Raptor flying low and
   fast but couldn't pick out what it was, but it certainly made
   the garden birds and Wood Pigeon and Mistle Thrush scarper
   for their lives.


Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Brambling is still here Yeessss.

     Brambling is still in the garden this morning
     along with Green & Goldfinch, Dunnock,
     Blue Tits and Blackbirds, Green Woodpecker
     on Claremount Hill along with 2 Kestrel and
     2 Skylark.


Monday, 25 February 2019

Brambling Visitor

   I was  well chuffed yesterday morning,  after going to Adel
   hoping to see some Brambling but having no Joy, my Birthday
   present was in the garden trees a bloody Brambling, special
   occasions seem to work in my garden xmas day I had Lesser
   Spotted Woodpecker and Birthday morning a Brambling also
   in the garden were LTT's and one without a tail never mind a
   long tail, Gold and Greenfinch were also on the feeders.
   It turned up again this morning with the Goldfinch.




Saturday, 23 February 2019

Adel Dam and Dowley Gap

  A morning trip to one of my favourite reserves today
  Adel Dam NR, usually plenty to see and people very
  friendly even the visitors to Golden Acre Park always
  say good morning, everyone seems so relaxed over there.

  Birdlife was on good form although the Brambling didn't
  show as they had yesterday which was a shame,
  it was the first time Ive been when the hides were quiet
  although it was early doors and they soon filled up later on,
  it was a bit dull and overcast first thing but then brightened up
  into a lovely summer sky.

  Plenty of Tufted Duck, Mallard and Mute Swan on the lake,
  2 Red Kite flew overhead, the reserve was full of song with
  the Song thrushes in full voice and plenty of drumming going
  on with the Woodpeckers, Jays were doing plenty of squawking
  and the Water Rail was making a racket while it was hiding, it only
  showed itself for a few seconds before diving back into the reeds, a
  woman put her hand out of the hide to point and a Nuthatch landed
  on her finger which surprised me how tame they were and a squirrel
  went for a swim in the pond at first hide which was another first for me,
  Mandarin Ducks, GSW'S, Nuthatch, Jay, LTT'S were all showing well
  and it was the same story at the 2nd hide on the big lake where an Otter
  showed itself for a second or two then disappeared and a Roe Deer was
  in the field.

  I was then set off to Eccup Reservoir but saw that my petrol was low
  so gave it a miss and headed back home but stopped at Dowley Gap
  for a short visit, it'd be rude not to seeing as Im passing, this place
  had Canada and Greylag Geese in the field and a few Greylag on the
  canal, a few Dunnock, 7 Alba-Wagtails all in the trees which surprised
  me, 3 Blue Tits, 1 Grey Wagtail and a Sparrowhawk and a Red Kite
  overhead, at home in the garden were Gold & Greenfinch.



Thursday, 21 February 2019

Pepper Hill

    Visit to Ogden earlier this week was a dead loss, hardly
    anything about, I was hoping for Redpoll and maybe a
    Kingfisher below the Prom but no joy, GS Woodpecker
    was drumming and 8 Goldfinch were seen along with lots
    of gulls and just gulls on the lake.

    Cromwell Bottom was also pretty quiet apart from the
    regular birds at the viewing area, 2 Teal were up by the
    weir and a Cormorant was on the river.

   Pepper Hill had 2 Raven flying over and 2 Kestrel hunting
   together, 7 LTT's which are always nice to see up this end,
   4 Greenfinch, 2 Bullfinch, 2 Dunnock, 2 Blue Tit, 1 Great Tit,
   4 Blackbird, 2 Stock Dove and lots of Corvids and Gulls.
   2 Robin and 2 Collared Dove.