Monday, 22 October 2018

Walshaw and Cold Edge Areas

   Took a trip up to Walshaw Moor today but to be honest
   nothing much was showing, I was hoping to find Crossbill
   and Fieldfare but only got the Crossbill flying into the middle
   of the plantation and didn't show to be photographed.
   3 Buzzard and 4 Kestrel were about in the Raptors, Goldfinch,
   Siskin, Great Tit, Robin and 8 Partridge were seen up there.

   Cold Edge Dam area had 14 Greylag and 50+ Canada Geese,
   Wainstalls had 2 Little Owl, and a Barn Owl was seen on my
   travels, Fly Flatts had 2 Kestrel, I think the Raptors have nearly
   finished off the vole population up at Fly Flatts.
   A BIG shout out to the landlady at the Pack Horse for letting me
   use their Car Park, lovely woman.


Sunday, 21 October 2018

Swalesmoor morning 20/10/18

 Hello everyone, sorry Ive not written on blog for a few weeks
 due to illness so Ive not been able to get out, though I did see
 Pink Footed Geese, Redwing and Fieldfare flyovers from my
 garden, anyway I managed to get out yesterday and went local
 up to Smelly Swalesmoor where the farmers had been muck
 spreading, the bottom of Ringby Lane had Goldfinch and
 House Sparrows and a 15 Wood Pigeon flyover, Redwing
 and 3 Fieldfare also flew over, it was all Crows & Gulls until
 near the top of the track where a couple of Dunnock and a
 Blackbird appeared and then a cracking bonus up by the cow
 field where 8 Brambling were perched on the fence but soon
 flew off towards Queensbury, a few Starling were perched on
 a tree and a few Meadow Pipits were flying about, at the end of
 the cow field was another bonus with a Snipe that flew up as I
 walked past, on the way back down the hill were 3 Stonechat
 and 3 unid'd as couldn't really tell what they were with the sun
 shining in my eyes, but an enjoyable morning all the same.
 Garden had Goldfinch 20+, 2 Greenfinch, 2 Dunnock.