Friday, 20 April 2018

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    Not been out because I'm still without my beloved camera
    but theres still been plenty going on locally. highlight for
    me was yesterday morning as the wife was getting the car
    washed at Shibden Hill garage I sat on the grass bank at the
    top of the forecourt and a Yellowhammer was perched for
    a while on a lone tree it then went back and forth between
    other trees for about ten minutes before disappearing into
    the Shibden valley area, I was made up but peed off I'd no
    camera, some were also seen in other local areas too by other
    people.  3 Buzzards were soaring and screeching over Claremount,
    and a Linnet was on the feeders which came back 2 hours later
    with a friend, I managed to get a shot of the Linnet as I ran in the
    house and swept the dust off of an old camera hoping that it still
   worked, luckily it did tho not great but it'll have to do.

   Peregrines were seen at a famous landmark in Halifax and a
   Cuckoo was at Giants Tooth, Ogden Water,
   garden had Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Bullfinch, Dunnock, Jackdaw,
   Wood Pigeon, Starling, Blackbird, Collared Dove, Sparrowhawk,
   Stock Dove and Linnet.

   Phil D got some fantastic shots of an Osprey fishing at a Reservoir
   just outside the area, Ive got to admit I'm a tad jealous.
                                          Yellowhammer taken last year

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