Sunday, 4 February 2018

Buzzard Bonanza

    I woke up to an active garden this morning with plenty of
    Goldfinch with a few Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Bullfinch,
    fighting Blackbirds, Robin, 3 Collared Dove, 3 Feral Pigeon
    and a Dunnock a flyover of 8 Goosander a Great Black Backed
    Gull and 2 Tern like birds but bigger they had the same type of
    wings sharp pointed but too high to see with the naked eye as to
    what birds they were.

    Anyway I thought I'd stay local today and set off up to Ringby
    Lane in hope of a Snow Bunting, at the bottom of the muddy
    track were Blackbird, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Dunnock,
    Great Tit and Robin and on the hill were 8 Meadow Pipits
    and 2 Pied Wagtail so it was a good start to this area, further
    up as it got muddier there were Gulls, Crows and Jackdaws
    but nothing much else, I then spotted Dave P up there looking
    out for Skylark and as he walked towards me a Snipe shot out
    of the tufts of grass and a Kestrel was hovering in the distance
    towards Queensbury, a report came through of Pink Footed
    Geese flying west, we had a good scout for them but didn't
    manage to see them, so after a good natter we set off back down
    the lane to Hag Lane in hope of seeing the Little Owl, as we got
    near the bottom of Ringby I spotted 2 Buzzard doing a courting
    display with plenty of turns and dives and it was great to see.

    Hag Lane had 13 Rabbits on the hill and then further on another
    3 were spotted, Great Tit, Robin and Blue Tit were seen in the trees
    and then flying up from Shibden Valley were 2 more Buzzard which
    soared for a bit then went really high up I was amazed at how fast
    they'd reached such height, no Little Owl was seen but 5 Rook were
    in a field before we got back to the road for the walk back to the car
    up at the Ski slopes on the way there were plenty of Crows, Gulls,
    Starlings, Magpies and Jackdaws.

   It was nice bumping into Dave P as Ive not seen him for a while and
   the Buzzards were a real bonus for the day.


  1. Always great to get Buzzard Dave.
    I got a pr. messsen this aft. near Coley Church.

  2. Lots seen today by people John, Swalesmoor, northowram, coley, Cromwell Bottom, and Shibden, the two at Swalesmoor were great to watch.