Monday, 23 October 2017

Spurn Point Disaster

   Not wrote on here for a while but thought I'd make an effort after
   travelling to Spurn Point for the day and what a miserable day it was
   weatherwise, the forecast was sunshine after 10.00am so was looking
   forward to a cracking days photography, well I must tell you that
   somebody lied as it was dark and dingy all day together with 70mph
   winds which blew my hair off.

   Reports of rarities been seen there but were non existent for me, but
   I did get to see Yellow Browed Warbler which is a first for me also
   2 Black Redstart and Little Stint which are also lifers so in that
   respect it was a good day but the photographs were absolute pants.
   Lots of scopes and arguments about what birds had been seen around
   the place, and I also managed to get lost for a while until I eventually
   found my bearings and got in discussion myself about the 2 bottom
   pics on here which is it, Skylark, Meadow Pipit, female Reed Bunting?
   I went for Mipit at first but then opted for Skylark while the other blokes
   chose the other 2, so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

   Local reports have been great with BS seeing a Great White Egret
   over Fly Flatts and lots of Pink Footed Geese, Whooper Swans,
   Fieldfare and Redwing flying over, BS has got a cracking photo
   of the Egret on his blog and he also got to see a Caspian Gull as

   Garden has had 8 Collared Doves everyday I think thats why the
   Sparrowhawk also flies through everyday looking for a meal, lots
   of Goldfinch which is the usual and also a few Greenfinch, and a
   few Fieldfare and Redwing flyovers.



  1. Hi up Dave
    Nice to see your blog again - hope you are well.
    Compared to my day, yours was pretty good.
    If you see my missus ask here about Spurn Point and disaster - but not if she's got anything sharp and pointy in her hand.
    My opinion on your last two birds:-
    Hope someone in the know puts me straight..
    (I have been know to be 'incorrect occasionally'

  2. Hiya John nice to hear from ya mate, I enjoyed the day but the wind was crazy. Hoped to see some rarities but if I saw one I wouldn't know unless somebody told me what bird it was. I've another pic of a bird to put on that could be a white rumped sandpiper but not certain.