Monday, 1 May 2017

Dotterel Day

      Had 2 Buzzard soaring above Claremount again today but
      were a lot higher than yesterday, I then got messages through
      the grapevine about Common Terns at Cromwell Bottom NR,
      and 3 Dotterel had been seen up by Nolstar so after a bit of
      twoing and throwing decided to give it a try and was surprised
      at how many people were there, I even got to pay my subs to
      Niall which was easier than posting it, DS showed me the area
      where the birds were and then I needed Dave W's help in spotting
      them as they were well camouflaged, Golden Plover and Wheatear
      were also in the field. I was taking photo's of the Plovers and when
      I looked up again everybody had gone except DW who was with me,
      we then decided to set off and as I was getting in my car Phil D showed
      up so I went with him to show him where the Dotterel were and guess
      what? they'd gone so I was a bit disappointed for Phil but I needn't of
      worried as within 5 or 10 minutes we found them again running about
      all over the place as we were taking photo's another 5 people turned up
      and DW had also come for another look and got some better pics.

      Thanks to the grapevine I got another cracking bird and another first
      for me so I'm glad I decided to make the effort.
      2 Curlew flew past and also what looked like a Redstart but unconfirmed
      and no pic so no tick.

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