Saturday, 1 April 2017

Raven in Garden

    Not been out for a week with being a bit too busy
    but the garden has still had the regular birds visiting,
    lots of Goldfinch and Collared Doves are now up to 8,
    Tawny Owl has been noisy of a night and also the calling
    of a Short Eared Owl on one occasion, Ravens seem to be
    popping up quite regular and the Sparrowhawk is doing a
    lot of soaring over the area.  A Ring Ouzel has been seen
    up at Soil Hill by BS which is always a cracking bird to see.
    I think more birds would be seen around here but at the moment
    the garden is inundated with cats as one of the neighbours cats
    is in season at least they didn't stop one Raven coming into the
    garden for a bit of a breather.
                                          Raven in Garden

                                          Distant Sparrowhawk ?



  1. Good to get a Raven in the garden Dave , not a bird I see much of.

  2. Pretty cool garden Dave.
    Raven's very elusive round my neck of the woods.

  3. Was well chuffed and surprised when it decided to land in the garden tree.They're a big old bird