Thursday, 9 March 2017

Adel Supreme

       I ventured out to Adel Dam today to avoid the
       electric man, thought I'd leave the mother-in-law
       to sort it out haha what a man.
       Anyway it ended up being a cracking day apart from
       trying to get a parking space at Golden Acre Park it
       was rammed the sun had brought the whole of Leeds out
       to play and I bumped into Clive who I met at Cromwell.

       Plenty to see at the first hide with the Mandarin Ducks
       turning up, Blue, Great, Coal and LT Tits, Nuthatch,
       Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Wren, Dunnock, Jay, GSW, Moorhen,
       Squirrels and Rats but no show by the Kingfisher.

       On to the next hide where a Buzzard and then a Red Kite
       appeared overhead before I got there, didn't stay in the hide
       for long as it was very quiet on the lake so set off around the
       reserve where I bumped into a fella taking photo's of the frogs
       in the stream and there were loads of em, he was telling me he'd
       heard the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming in the trees and
       had flown past not far from where he was, so off I went in search
       of this beauty after 15 minutes I spotted it but it didn't stay around long
       so I waited another 10 minutes and up it popped again but there was
       no way i could get a pic, I didn't realise they were so fast, I was
       chuffed to see it but gutted I couldn't get a pic.

       I then went up to the lake where Tufted Duck, Mallard and Gulls
       were there in abundance, after 5 mins I set off to the car and then
       took a drive up to Eccup where 6 Red Kite were soaring about,
       8 Fieldfare in a field, 8 LTT were bouncing about in a hedgerow
       and a Kestrel was hovering over another field.
       32 species of bird were seen during the day not including Gulls,
       so I'd class that as bit of a belter of a day.
       Also seen a single Curlew on the way home.