Sunday, 15 January 2017

Should've Gone To Copley


         Took a walk up Soil Hill on Saturday morning after
         work hoping again to see the Snow Bunting but
         absolutely nothing about apart from a lone Wren,
         heard some tweeting on the Eastern side but nothing
         showed itself, I then went down Taylor Lane where
         Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird and another Wren were
         seen, oh and a flyover by 3 Lapwing.

         I then got a phone call and orders to go to the chippy
        which I duly did and then went home only to be told
        by Lisa ( wife ) that I should of gone with her to her
        mates in Copley where she'd seen a GS Woodpecker,
        Grey Wagtail, LLT's, and plenty of finches in her garden,
        thanks for that Lisa it really cheered me up lol, oh well
        at least I enjoyed my Fish & Chips.
        Goldfinch and Robin were in my garden.