Sunday, 1 January 2017

Quiet 1st Day

           Quiet first day of the New Year for me, only Blackbirds
           in the garden, Jackdaws, Magpie's, Gulls & Crows in the
           back field. Would of liked to have gone on the walk with
           the Calderdale Wildlife Group but with it being the wife's
           birthday it was a no-no. Managed to get up to Soil Hill for
           half hour at about 3.00 where I bumped into a nice chap
           called Larry who was on the look out for the Little Owl,
           hope he had better look than me coz I didn't spot it, later
           on I bumped into BS who was well wrapped up for the
           ice cold wind up there and who can blame him it was bitter.

           A little bit of advice for you photographers out there, before
           you set off out of the house make sure that your sim cards are
           in the camera and don't be a Dum-Dum like I was today ( FOOL ).
           Anyway up Soil Hill I seen flock of Starling and Fieldfare in
           fields at side of the track and that was that.

           Happy New Year to Everyone

           Here are some of my latest spots.



  1. Soil Hill's tough at present Dave.
    Looks like we might just get a bit of white stuff mid-week.
    Might change things a bit.
    Happy new year - hope to see you and your SEO sometime!!

  2. Think the SEO was a one off up here, not heard or seen it since.