Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dismal Day

          Two hours searching for Crossbill & Brambling on a
          dark, cold, frosty and dismal morning up at Walshaw
          Dean but trying photography in this morning dull light is
          a nightmare, I need to get me a  £10'000 f2 lens ha ha
          ( In my dreams ). First birds I came across were 2
          male Pheasant as I was driving up to Walshaw, first
          birds on the moor were 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 Stonechat,
          and Crows. Then up to the plantation in high hopes but
          nothing so I waited & waited & waited, finally I heard
          the Crossbill calling but at a distant and then they finally
          made an appearance about 6 of them but none came close
          to the pathway trees so getting a decent shot was difficult.
          A single Buzzard flew high overhead about 8 Goldfinch
          and similar number of Goldcrest were in the woods but
          no sign of the Brambling worst luck, and 2 Fieldfare were
          on the telephone wires.
                                               I was tired and cold so thought I'd
          have a look at Fly Flatts, Wainstalls and Soil Hill on the
          way home, I shouldn't have bothered as one Stonechat was all
          that was to be seen, even JL's Little Owl wasn't playing out.
          One Mistle Thrush, 2 Blackbird, 4 Goldfinch in the garden.
          I should've gone out later as the sun came out after 1 o'clock.



  1. You managed some nice Crossbill shots there Dave, we just need them at Ogden now.

  2. Glad you got the Crossbill Dave.A bit of a long drive.
    I've never seen one.
    Looking forward to getting mine on Back Lane this week.
    Keep bloggin....


  3. Was chuffed to find them but they were distant, gutted about not seeing any Brambling or Raptors tho apart from 1 Buzzard.
    Enjoyed the drive apart from the narrow roads John and glad that I went coz everywhere local was a Zilch.

  4. Yeah we need em at Ogden now Bri in the plantation preferably it's easier to get to than up by giants tooth.