Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ogden Pintail

              Was undecided where to go today, Fly Flatts, Ogden Water,
              or over to Rodley so did a garden watch for 10 mins before I
              decided, 3 Blackbirds were eating the berry's a couple of
              Magpies & Jackdaws were hanging about and a flyover by
              an unidentified bird but looked interesting.
              Anyway decided to do the Ogden Walk so off I set in my
              Ford Focus with hopes high, passed Raggalds pub where
              100+ Lapwings were in the air above the field opposite
              the pub, then up to Taylor Lane but was quiet apart from
              a distant un ID's, Ogden next and couldn't believe how busy
              it was that early in a morning which doesn't help bird watching
              or photography, anyway down to the lake I went and bumped
              into BS and two other birders, Brian S pointed out  two
              Pintails on the water which I wouldn't of known without his
              help, male Pintail's I would have noticed and known but not
              the females,
              I then set off to look for the Kingfisher I seen last week but
              no joy today, so up into the woods where I spotted 3 Treecreeper,
              then a flock of Goldcrest which I tried to get a photo of until about
              20 runners came by and scared them all away, realising it was too
              busy decided to stop off at Soil Hill for 10 mins where their was
              just a Wren on the track wall a few gulls flying about, but when I
              got to the top of the hill a Jack Snipe flew up in front of me, oops
              and then another oh and then another, they were too fast to get a
              pic of though and my hands were in my pockets which didn't help,
              but I  was chuffed to see them as its a first for me.
              Hmmm now where to go tomorrow ?.
              2 female Chaffinch in garden when I got home.




  1. You did well with the creeper shots Dave not an easy bird to photograph.

  2. PS. Good to see you back in action.

  3. Glad to be back Brian, hope your backs ok with carrying the new BIGMA.