Friday, 4 November 2016

Mandarin Day at Oggie


                 Had a nice trip to Ogden Water today after brief visit to
                 Soil Hill which was very quiet apart from a Fieldfare and
                 3 Wren and the usual gulls, then got a text off of DS that
                 NK had seen some Mandarin Ducks at Ogden so thats
                 where I headed next, NK was still there on the promenade
                 as I got there and he showed me where they were, it was
                 2 males in the middle of the lake which were great to have
                 at Ogden as NK said he thinks its a first for that lake.
                 We then decided to go look for the Northern Treecreeper,
                 1st bridge had 3 Wren and a friendly Robin which stood on my
                 hand, then up towards Devils Tooth where we sat on a bench
                 for a bit which was a good idea as 4 Goldcrest, 8 Long Tailed
                 Tits and 3 Treecreepers popped up around the trees, one of
                 which NK thought was a Northern Treecreeper, I was hoping
                 but after looking at Pics I think its a regular Treecreeper. I
                 then went on a Owl hunt but all I got was wet through as the
                 heavens opened for about 10 minutes.

                 8 LTT'S
                 6 Wren
                 4 Robin
                 4 Goldcrest
                 2 Red Grouse
                 2 Mandarin Duck
                 1 Fieldfare
                 4 Dunnock
                 3 Treecreepers
                 1 Raven ( over Claremount Hill )
                 3 Chaffinch
                 2 Blue Tit
                 4 Dunnock
                 4 Blackbird


  1. Cracking Treecreeper shot Dave and a real bonus with the Mandarin

    (I've taken you blog link off my blog in error Dave - only just noticed. I'll scratch the grey matter and put it back again)

    Keep on bloggin' no G.


  2. Had a good day until I got drenched, just getting back into the rhythm John

  3. Great Dave -
    dig that heavy rhythm man!
    As we used to say ( after too much Double Diamond).