Sunday, 20 November 2016

Claremount Hill

               Didn't fancy getting out today with the bad weather
               until I heard honking swans and looked out of the
               window and seen 4 Whoopers flying over, so with
               my spirit brightened decided to have a walk around
               my local area until the football on the tele started, first
               birds were 5 Blackbirds on Claremount Hill also known
               as Pepper Hill then up onto the track to scour the farm
               fields which were full of Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws & Rooks,
               further on were Robins, 2 Goldfinch, 2 Goldcrest and 3
               Grey Partridge and a Pied Wagtail with which I
               had to seek the expert knowledge of Brian S. and Dave S.
               as I thought it might be a Yellow Wagtail with it having a
               yellowish face, but it seems it's a winter plumage on a few.
               Then back to the house to watch my team get beat 2-0.
               1 Wren was also seen and a report of 2 Stonechats from BS
                at Soil Hill.



  1. Good wag shots Dave that you rang about. Some females such as yours tend to show yellowing to the face in winter plumage.

  2. Thanks for your help Brian, its face actually looked more yellow in the flesh and a bit of wishful thinking that it was a young Yellow Wagtail.

  3. Nice to get a Grey Partridge photo Dave - they are not easy to come by.
    Keep Snapping!!