Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Frogomania at Cromwell

            Hi everyone I'm back after 2 months in the dark waiting for
            my camera to be fixed, anyway I've finally got it back and
           thought I'd give it a whirl down at Cromwell Bottom NR even
           tho I'm a bit rusty at the moment, a family of 8 Goosanders were
            the first birds to be seen on the river and then a family of 30
           Canada geese came swimming along side them, bird viewing area
           was quiet but the Bullfinch were still there in numbers, chiff chaff
            were in good voice around the reserve and 4 Wren were seen near
           the new pond and a Grey Wagtail was up by the weir, I then decided
           to have a walk along the river bank and what a surprise that was, their
           were millions of young frogs all along the path so had to turn around
           as I didn't want to squash any, Ive never seen as many in my life it was
                         Rodley Nature Reserve was my next outing on sunday but was
           very quiet but at least the Kingfisher and a Red Kite made a show to
           brighten up the day. Peregrine put on a display over Claremount, Saturday


  1. Nice Little Grebe Dave and you can't beat a Kingfisher can you?

  2. Love seeing the Kingfishers John, just glad to be out & about again didn't last long tho I'm now housebound with busted back, Oh the joys haha